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Shrey Group has treasure of experience in problem solving and provide most cost effective cleaning solutions. Facing any water treatment related problems? Share with us

Cooling water treatment chemical cleaners
Cooling Water Treatment
Boiler water treatment chemical cleaners
Boiler Water Treatment
Reverse osmosis chemical cleaners
Reverse Osmosis Chemicals
Closed circulating water treatment chemical cleaners
Closed Recirculating Water Treatment
Water and Waste water treatment polyelectrolytes
Water & Waste Water Treatment Polyelectrolytes
Swimming pool cleaner
Swimming Pool Treatment EffiKlean HX Cleaner
AHU AC chemical cleaners
AC/AHU/FCU/IDU maintenance chemicals
Hospitality chemical cleaners
Hospitality Cleaning Products
SS fasteners chemical cleaners
SS Fasteners Cleaning product
Spectacles cleaning spray
Spectacles Cleaning Spray


Shrey Inc is a multi product manufacturing with a wide range of Chemicals, Chemical formulations and water treatment chemicals. The products developed and manufactured by Shrey Inc. are made to specific needs and have proven invaluable to a wide spectrum of industries.

More than two decades of hard core water treatment experience internationally, brought to an insight of foundation of the company 5 years back.

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